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Our Office is Closed Tomorrow–Can We Eat Bread Yet?

I have to say, I’ve never been more tempted to break Passover than I have this year. From trying to balance my matzah intake and prunes intake (yes, this is CRUCIAL for a pregnant lady) to figuring out what to feed my very picky daughter (lunch today was matzah, string cheese, egg whites, and potato chips), I’m feeling DONE.

But at the same time–as we come to the end of the week, I’m also feeling kind of accomplished. I mean, I didn’t break Passover. Neither did my almost-3-year-old. We’ve made it! I succeeded in teaching her that celebrating Passover is important, that we forgo bread for a week, and that we don’t eat the bone on the seder plate (for some reason that really stuck with her).

So, dear readers, we hope you’ve had an enjoyable (or at least interesting) Passover this year.

Our offices are closed tomorrow, so enjoy your last bites of matzah–and even more, enjoy that first
and bite of bread on Saturday night. See you on Monday!

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