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Paper Hamantaschen For Purim

Purim is one of the Jewish holidays that children look forward to all year. They are encouraged to dress up in temple, eat sweet treats, and actually make noise in the form of grogger shaking! And of course, there’s hamantaschen.

Making real hamantaschen is definitely a fun Purim tradition that should be carried on. But crafting paper hamantaschen is an additional option that does not result in flour and jam everywhere! It’s also a great way to practice folding circles into triangles for when kids have real dough in their hands.


This a fun project to do with supplies that might already be in the cupboards, or are easy enough to find. Using colored or patterned tissue paper is really fun, but plain white paper can be draw on and used as well. If kids prefer they can leave the magnet off, and add these “cookies” to their play kitchen supplies. They would also make cute decorations for the outside or inside of mishloach manot, a Purim goodie bag.


Paper cupcake liners

Tissue paper

Adhesive magnets

Glue stick


Optional: small plastic bags & ribbons



1. Pick out a paper cupcake liner to use, and flatten it.

2. Cut out a piece of tissue paper, about 4×4”.

3. Cut a magnet into a ½” square piece, and stick it on to the outside (decorative side) of the paper liner.

4. Bunch up the piece of tissue paper and glue it to the middle of the inside of the paper liner.

5. Fold in three sides of the paper circle as you would when making a hamantaschen, and glue them down to form a triangle.

6. You can decorate the paper liner with markers.

7. You can also create mishloach manot but putting the hamantaschen magnets in small plastic bags and tying them with ribbon.

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