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Mishloach Manot

Mishloach manot are little gift bags that are traditionally sent to friends and family on Purim. There are four major mitzvot (commandments) of Purim, including hearing the megillah (the story), giving gifts to the poor, having a festive meal, and giving these gifts to friends and family.

There are no rules about what goes inside mishloach manot, though traditionally hamantaschen make it in there. In our opinion, giving these gifts is about sending a little more Purim joy around. Here’s a fun way to make your mishloach manot unique and even…inexpensive.

You’ll need:

A stapler
Scotch or masking tape
White plain paper plates (the cheap kind, not the cardboard ones)
Whatever you’re putting inside: candy, raisins, cookies, crackers, etc.

Take the paper plates and turn them upside down. Have your child decorate the plates with the markers or crayons. You can write the word Purim and have your kid draw around it, or just let them have fun.

Take the plate and fold up the edges in a triangular fashion—the goal is for this to look like a large hamantaschen. Staple the three corners. Put a small piece of tape over each staple to prevent children from hurting themselves.

Finally, fill the center of the plate with candy, cookies, whatever you’ve purchased to put in your mishloach manot. Repeat as desired, and then distribute to family and friends!

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