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Passover Fun for the Kids: It’s Raining FROGS!

If you’re inviting children to your seder, it’s always nice to have a few fun things planned for them. Sure we all love belting out all eleven verses of Chad Gadya at the top of our lungs (anybody?) but it is a long meal with lots of adult talking going on. Last year our friends hosted a seder and had adorable plague masks for the children to pick out and wear. It was a great addition that made the meal more kid-friendly.

This year I came up with a little favor for the kids at your Passover table. And for less than $1 per child it provides endless entertainment.

You’ll Need:

Sticky Frogs

White cardstock

Color printer

Kveller printable Passover tags

Sandwich bags



Double Sided Tape

Step 1: Drive to Target (who are we kidding? You’re probably already there) and in the birthday party aisle pick up a $2 bag of stretchy frogs (or as my son calls them STICKY FROGS!) The bag has 12 frogs, inside but there are two of each color so you can easily make bags of six colored frogs (or even four if you’re super cheap!) Now walk out of Target without buying anything else (yeah right!) *If you can’t find them at Target, I also found something similar here.

Step 2: Download and print the Kveller Passover tag (click here) with a color printer on white cardstock. Each page makes two tags.

Step 3: Cut along the dotted line for each tag.

Step 4: Fold tag just above the words (it won’t quite fold in half).

Step 5: Separate your sticky frogs into individual sandwich bags. Like I said, I made bags with six frogs (one of each color).

Step 6: Fold the sandwich bag over a few times and staple it inside to the BACK of the card tag.

Step 7: Run some double sided tape along the inside of the FRONT of the tag.

Step 8: Fold over and enjoy!

The fun part about these frogs is that you (or your child) can toss them up onto the ceiling and watch them S-L-O-W-L-Y fall down. Newer frogs take a while to fall but my toddler loves to come back and find how many of his “sticky frogs!” have fallen. It’s raining frogs!

(Note: If your frogs collect dirt or lint from being used just rinse them in warm water and store in a plastic Ziploc bag for lots more fun.)

Enjoy and happy Passover!

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