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Passover is NOT a Diet

While searching for Passover seder ideas online this year, I discovered this article from Shape magazine where the author recommends eating Passover foods, even if you’re not Jewish, as a diet.

She highlights the potato, which unlike breads and pastas, takes longer to break down in the body. She goes on to extol the benefits of eating green spring vegetables (like parsley) and the fact that you can’t eat processed foods during Passover means that you are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables.

Now, I wonder whether this author has actually attended a Passover seder. Because it’s not anything resembling healthy (though we did have some plain grilled asparagus this year). I don’t know how brisket, chicken, matzah kugels, potato kugels, matzah ball soup, and dessert after dessert after dessert adds up to healthy. And I’d counter her assumption that you don’t eat processed foods during Passover–because potato chips are often a-ok with the kosher police. (And my go-to snack during these long, long, breadless days.)

So no, Passover is not a diet. If you want to lose weight–do it. Just don’t use Passover as your excuse.

** Note: after some research, I discovered that in fact the author actually hosted her own seder this year. Making her claims that Passover can be an effective diet even more… well, ridiculous.

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