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Passover Recipes!

If you’re hosting a Passover seder this year, like me, it’s time to figure out your recipes (maybe past time to figure out your recipes, but hey, we can’t all keep to Joan Nathan’s fancy schedule). I’ve been scouring the internet to find recipes to fill in our seder–specifically, looking for some delicious chicken recipes and a new side dish or two. And dessert. Always dessert.

So if you too are looking for the latest and greatest recipes, here’s a place to start–and please, share your favorites below!

1. We always start our seder meal with matzah ball soup. Here’s a traditional recipe, but Meredith Jacobs also makes a beet matzah ball soup infused with ginger. A little exotic twist on the traditional ball.

2. We’re planning to serve chicken on Friday night, and I’m in search of an easy and delicious recipe (because my go-to is cornflake chicken and needless to say, that’s not exactly on the kosher for Passover list). So far I’ve found a few options–what do you think? I’m leaning toward this lemon chili chicken from The Shiksa in the Kitchen, or apricot glazed chicken with sage, or sweet and sour chicken thighs with apricots from Epicurious. (Please, weigh in on this and tell me what will be EASY and yummy!)

3. Now, the star of many a seder is a brisket. This year we’ll be making my husband’s mom’s recipe, but I also think that this one and this one sound delish. Or try a novel spin on the traditional with this cranberry brisket recipe by Meredith Jacobs.

4. But side dishes also play an important role in a quality Passover seder. There’s the ubiquitous potato kugel (either from the box or from scratch like this one from our friends at, but try changing it up this year and making a carrot kugel.

I also recently discovered that I adore brussels sprouts, and it doesn’t take much to make them delicious–just roast them as in this Ina Garten recipe.  Or there’s always the classic asparagus, which feels so appropriate for Passover as it’s also a sign of springtime. I like this recipe by Zoe Singer–simple and scrumptious.

5. But when it comes to dessert, it feels like we’re always in search of something that’s actually good (and not just matzah meal dressed up as dessert). A few years ago I came across this Tyler Florence recipe for a flourless chocolate cake that I make year-round (just be aware that it definitely needs the butter). But this year I’m also finding inspiration in these raspberry coconut macaroons from Smitten Kitchen (did you catch our Q & A with Deb Perelman a while back?).

And NotDerbyPie makes these chocolate cookies that she swears don’t taste like Passover cookies. I’m inclined to believe her based on the ingredients and the photo. And since my 2.5-year-old loves to make cookies, we might have to try these ones out before Passover.

Oh, and if you’re on Pinterest, head on over and say hi–and check out our list of Passover recipes there too. (We’re, in case you didn’t guess.)

Now, ladies and gentlemen, what classic Passover recipes am I missing? Please link below!

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