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Passover Shopping Guide: Matzah Options

If you’re shopping for Passover, you know you need some matzah, but there’s actually quite the variety out there. Whether you’re looking for classic, gluten-free, or chocolate-covered, we’ve narrowed down our favorite matzah options to make it all the more easy for you. Enjoy!

1. Yehuda Matzah ($27.50) The classic, imported from Israel.

2. Streit’s Matzah ($15.25) Another classic, this one made right on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. 

3. Osem Whole Wheat Matzah ($3.99) For the health-conscious Passover eaters.

4. Yehuda Gluten-Free Matzah ($18.42) If you’re gluten free, this is the way to go. But while it says it’s kosher for Passover, the box wants you to know this is “not a replacement for matzo at the seder.” This one from Lakewood seems to be an okay replacement, though the price might scare you.

5. Hand Made Shmura Matzah ($26.99) If you’re looking for some extra special matzah this year, give shmura matzah a shot: shmura, which means “watched” in Hebrew, is extra special because its ingredients (flour and water) are watched very carefully from the moment of harvesting and drawing.

6. Manischewitz Thin Tea Matzah ($3.99) For your Passover tea party needs.

7. Osem Dark Chocolate-Coated Matzah ($32.95) How to make matzah more delicious? Cover it in chocolate, of course. Also comes in milk chocolate, dark chocolate mint, and dark chocolate orange.  

8. Manischewitz Organic Matzah ($36.99) If Whole Foods is your thing, this matzah just might be for you.

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