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Really? People Still Don’t Know How to Pronounce Gal Gadot’s Name

Gal Gadot was a real Wonder Woman this year. She even made Forbes‘ list of highest-grossing actresses, pulling in $1.4 billion in movie tickets worldwide. Besides that, she was the third highest-grossing actor for the year. Heck yeah.

And yet, no one seems to be able to pronounce her name. In an interview with Variety, she recently revealed the question she gets asked all the time is, “How do I pronounce your name?”

Looking forward to the New Year..

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So let’s get down to the bottom of this once and for all: According to a Babbel survey, you do pronounce that “t” at the end of Gadot (gah-dott), hence all the “Waiting for Godot” jokes. And yes, I’ve made that joke many, many times. (Sorry, everyone!)

On the other side of the spectrum, the most googled Jewish man of 2017 also has a mispronounced name. Yes, I’m talking about the utterly terrible Harvey Weinstein. His name is apparently mispronounced, by himself! Apparently, he says “wine-steen” but linguists think it should actually be “wine-stine”). With him, though, who really gives a sh*t if his name is mispronounced (considering he’s a sexual predator)?

When it comes to Gadot, however, we can’t wait to see what is in store for her this year. We’re literally waiting for Gadot.

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