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Pink Stopped a Concert to Hug a Girl Who Just Lost Her Mom

Pop singer and Jewish mother Pink stopped her concert in Australia this week to hug a teenage girl in mourning.

During the “Beautiful Trauma” singer’s performance on Monday, 14-year-old Leah Murphy waved a sign that read, “I just lost my beautiful mum. I would love a hug.”

Murphy’s mother passed away in June and was supposed to attend the concert with her daughter. When Pink spotted the teen’s sign, the crowd parted so Murphy and her aunt Katrina Donkin could make it to the front row.

Pink stepped down from the stage to embrace the grieving teen. She held her for nearly 20 seconds while Murphy sobbed uncontrollably in her icon’s arms.

“Pink was just so genuine, she said, ‘hey, don’t cry, everything’s going to be okay'”, Donkin told ABC Brisbane.

The singer took a selfie with Murphy and signed her arm cast, then hopped back on stage and told everyone to call their mothers.

“I haven’t seen her smile so much since,” Donkin said. “I just really feel it was a hug from heaven. I do feel her mum orchestrated the whole thing.”

In conclusion, Pink = mensch.

Header image via ABC Brisbane.

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