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Playdates Made Easy With This Convenient Form for Moms!

Moms, did you ever wish you had a quick and easy template for a playdate invitation to stick in a cubby or hand to a woman who looks like a potential friend? Well, you’re in luck. Just check off the applicable boxes, and you’re good to go. Soon you—I mean, your kid—might have a new best friend!

Dear Mom of: (Check off one)

[ ] child my child’s same age and gender, so come on, it has to work

[ ] child that is more popular than my child so I’m trying to help my child out

[ ] child I have never seen but this one time I saw you reading a book I like so I’m hoping we’ll be friends

Ever since we talked at:

[ ] that unbearably loud birthday party,

[ ] preschool pickup that one time that I wasn’t late,

[ ] we have never talked because I’m always rushing around like a lunatic,

I have thought that we need to get the kids together for a playdate. Why don’t we:

[ ] meet at my house if it’s the one day a week that I have vacuumed?

[ ] go to your house only if you haven’t vacuumed and I won’t feel insecure?

[ ] meet at the park because we can both make a hasty departure if we realize we bore each other?

I know it’s a hectic time of year due to:

[ ] the winter holidays fast approaching,

[ ] Arbor Day,

[ ] the fact that we have children,

but everyone needs some time to relax.

I will bring the:

[ ] organic crackers because I see you drive a Prius.

[ ] bubbles and crafts so we have something to do if the kids won’t interact with each other.

[ ] wine because I want to see if you and I are compatible as friends.

Madison is having a bit of trouble with

[ ] biting

[ ] hitting

[ ] repeating curse words that she hears me saying while driving

so I hope that your kid isn’t

[ ] bitable.

[ ] hittable.

[ ] impressionable.

If our playdate doesn’t work out, I would appreciate you not

[ ] telling the other moms that I suck.

[ ] telling the other moms that my kid sucks.

[ ] living in this neighborhood anymore.

But if it does work out, I harbor secret fantasies that:

[ ] our husbands will get along, too, and we can finally have “couple friends.”

[ ] over wine, you and I will confide in each other our deepest parenting fears and hug and cry.

[ ] you will tell me how sweet Madison is and that she’s a great influence on your kid.

Please get back to me by:

[ ] text since I haven’t checked my voicemail since 2008.

[ ] email since then I will know your last name and can Facebook stalk you.

[ ] tomorrow so I don’t have to be anxious all weekend about whether you like me or not.

Looking forward to it!


Madison’s Mom

P.S. If you don’t want to have a playdate with me, please:

[ ] pretend you never received this note.

[ ] tell me you’re really overwhelmed with work and I promise not to ask around whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or not.

[ ] give me some tentative answer about doing it “one of these days,” and I promise not to cry until I’m sitting in my minivan.

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