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Police Department Offers Genius Tip for Parents with Kids in Crowds

Now that it’s officially summer, many parents will be taking their kids to a lot of outdoor activities and places with large crowds, such as beaches, public pools, zoos, theme parks, and concerts. This is why one California police department gave some timely some advice for parents who want to be prepared in case of an accidental separation.

Last week, the Clovis Police Department posted a special “#TipOfTheDay” on their Facebook page for parents with young children. You won’t guess what they suggest–a liquid bandaid. In their post, they explain why it’s foolproof:

“Write your phone number on their wrist and cover it with liquid band aid in case you get separated… Take a photo of them using your cell phone the morning of the event so you have their clothing, hair style, and up to date photo. #BePrepared.”

The post was actually a repost that was originally shared in September in anticipation of a local festival. As of now, the repost has reached over 10,000 shares and 3,000 likes–which means it’s definitely inspired some parents to heed their advice.

While it may seem like an unnecessary step, no one ever thinks they’ll be separated from their child, and it’s always better to be extra prepared.

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