Powerful Mother's Day Video Captures What It Feels Like to Lose a Mom – Kveller
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Mother's Day

Powerful Mother’s Day Video Captures What It Feels Like to Lose a Mom

Mother’s Day is an especially rough holiday for those whose moms have passed away. If anything, the commercial holiday may just be an unwanted reminder that your mom isn’t around anymore. This is why American Greetings made a video called “Tattoo,” which focuses on a woman getting her first tattoo–and what the meaning behind it is.

In the video, the woman, as you guessed it, decided to get a tattoo to commemorate her mom. At the end when the woman says, “I think she would have liked it,” it’s hard not to tear up, regardless of if you’ve lost a parent or if you’re a fan or believer in body art.

We’ve all lost someone we loved–and while it’s never easy, we are never alone, not in our grief or our emotions.

Watch the whole thing here:


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