Pregnancy #2 is REALLY DIFFERENT – Kveller
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Pregnancy #2 is REALLY DIFFERENT

My husband’s been noticing that I start a lot of sentences with any combination of the following: “You know what sucks/is hard/feels bad/hurts/is tiring?” The answer is always BEING PREGNANT.

The last time around, though, it wasn’t this bad. When I was tired, I’d take a nap. When I was hungry, I’d eat. When I had to pee, I’d just walk myself over to the bathroom. When I wanted to go to prenatal yoga, I’d grab my yoga mat. When I wanted to take a walk, I’d go.

Now? If I’m tired, I resort to turning on Yo Gabba Gabba and putting my almost-3-year-old on my lap so that when I doze off, I’ll wake up if she tries to escape. These days, when I’m hungry, I have to share my snacks (unless it’s pickles or olives–she doesn’t like those, and I’ve certainly been craving them!) These days, when I have to pee, I’m either bringing her with me, or peeing with the door open. These days, when I want to go to prenatal yoga, I have to coordinate childcare with my husband or a friend. And these days, when I want to take a walk, I’m either pushing a stroller that weighs 40 lbs or walking at a 3-year-old’s pace (though, in truth, it’s not that much slower than my pace at 36 weeks pregnant).

The first time I was pregnant, I was excited to give birth so that I’d meet my baby. The second time? Of course I’m excited to meet baby #2, but really, right now, I’m excited to give birth so that I don’t have to be pregnant anymore.

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