Your Pregnancy Cravings Revealed: Kool-Aid, Green Popsicles and More – Kveller
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Your Pregnancy Cravings Revealed: Kool-Aid, Green Popsicles and More

Cravings for crazy food combinations that confound — and gross out — everyone in your orbit is often part and parcel of being pregnant. We asked our Facebook community: What were some of your weirder pregnancy cravings? Here’s what they said:

“Chicago hot dogs with the works, including sports peppers, fries, pizza any kind and lots of chocolate.”

“Root Beer popsicles with my first, pastrami sandwiches with my second, and anything I could get into my mouth with my third.”

“Fake nacho cheese! The plasticky kind!”

“I have kept strictly kosher all my life, and I’m a pescatarian to boot (20 years). All I wanted was Popeye’s fried chicken. I saw a commercial and that was it. The only thing I wanted to eat for six months.”

“Spaghetti-Os and Totinos microwavable pepperoni pizzas. They are the only things I craved during pregnancy and the only things that didn’t make me vomit.”

“Hush puppies with malt vinegar in my three pregnancies (and no one makes hush puppies in Australia, for baby #2 so home made it was!).”

“Fruit-flavored Mentos. What the hell?! Those things are nasty, but the whole time I was pregnant with my second, I craved them like mad. It can’t be a coincidence that I threw up every day except the last couple of weeks…”

“Frozen cokes for all three pregnancies. They could only be from Burger King, because the others were always too syrupy. And I craved ice cubes like mad. I ended up finding out that all of my ice cravings could’ve meant that I had a vitamin deficiency!”

“Nothing with first pregnancy. With twin pregnancy, I could chug an entire gallon of milk from the jug still standing at the fridge with the door open. I did that almost every day sometimes I still drank even more milk. I don’t even like milk.”

First pregnancy: orange soda and peanut butter. I’d have one sip or taste, though, and not want it anymore. Also I couldn’t stomach milk the first trimester, and he ended up being severely lactose intolerant. Second: cheese with apples and grapes.”

“With the first, malt ball fudge ice cream. The second, no cravings, but totally put off from Chinese food and I lived in the SF Bay Area with lots of great restaurants; the smell would even make me sick…”

I live in Israel and there is this soft drink called black beer (100% NON-ALCOHOLIC y’all). Anyway for about a month, I drank vats of the stuff until one day, I could not even look at it. Then I was on to a month of if-I-don’t-get-some-tomato-juice-I-will-kill-someone!!

I also had my BFF ship me pink Canada wintergreen lozenges and giant chewy sweet-tarts.”

“With my daughter, I didn’t have any cravings, BUT, my husband needed to have the Greek salad from a particular local restaurant once a week. Pretty weird.”

“A friend craved watermelon, which is not cheap in Canada in winter. Mine was tomatoes and cucumber with mustard and black pepper.”

“For several months, the only food that stayed down was green popsicles.”

“Sauerkraut and grapefruit juice. Both of my boys wound up with reflux!”

“Extra old white cheddar cheese and green olives (by the block and jar full).”

“Vicks [VapoRub]. Smell of Lysol. Cheddar biscuits and coconut juice.”

“Pizza with grape Kool-Aid and raw peanuts.”

“Mayo…straight out of the jar!!”

“German chocolate cake. I ate a whole cake at one sitting.”

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