Pregnant Meteorologist Defends Herself to Viewers: ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ – Kveller
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Pregnant Meteorologist Defends Herself to Viewers: ‘I’m Not Ashamed’

Being heckled because of your baby bump is just awful. Recently, this happened to a pregnant meteorologist who found herself at the center of nasty comments from viewers. Besides that pregnant women are people with feelings just like anyone else, why is it ever OK to police a woman’s body, especially a pregnant woman? Pregnancy is not ugly.

Cindy Morgan, who is expecting her second child, is on television every day for ABC 6 News, so she’s used to being in the public eye, which means she’s accustom to criticism. After hearing negative comments about her fashion choices and her visible baby bump, she went to Facebook to stand up to her bullies:

Since when has body shaming a pregnant woman become the thing to do? I’ve been told to wear maternity clothes (which…

Posted by Cindy Morgan ABC 6 Meteorologist on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thankfully, her fellow female employees and fans are supporting her through this unfortunate shaming incident. Many pregnant women sent in photos of their own baby bumps. David Springer, KAAL’s news director, also went to Facebook to speak out against those who sent the negative comments, stating:

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 “We here at ABC 6 News support the strong, professional women that work here, especially those who continue to put in all the necessary hours while also being pregnant.”

It’s truly heartwarming to see people, both strangers and colleagues, coming together to support Morgan. Because it’s not just about her bullies (who definitely owe her a sincere apology), but it’s how many women face unhealthy stereotypes regarding their bodies during pregnancy. Besides pregnancy being a difficult time for many women, it’s also a time when women are particularly vulnerable. There’s no “should” when it comes to how a pregnant woman chooses to dress. And that’s a lesson everyone should learn.

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