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Purim is Coming & We’re Here to Help

At last, the wackiest, craziest Jewish holiday of the year has arrived! Purim begins tomorrow night at sundown and goes until sundown on Sunday night, which means 24 hours of costumes, hamantaschen, noisemakers and more.

But Purim ain’t all cookies and costumes–it’s about beauty pageants, drinking, and evil plots, too! Refresh yourself on the Purim story, and then if you need some last minute ideas to make this year’s Purim extra fun, we’ve got you covered.

What to Eat

You can’t go wrong with Joan Nathan’s classic hamantaschen recipe, which you can make with the filling of your choice (and we learned on Facebook yesterday that you all are very opinionated about your fillings.)

For something a little different, savory hamantaschen are all the rage this year, so be sure to check out our recipes for balsamic red onion, steak and mushroom, and pizza hamantaschen (which will definitely be a kid favorite).

Lastly, chickpeas are a traditional Purim food, and you can enjoy them straight up or in a chickpea arugula salad with creamy tahini dressing.

What to Wear

Costumes! We’ve culled our favorite Purim costumes for both kids and the whole family that you can buy online. You should also be sure to check out Mayim Bialik’s tips for making your own Purim costumes on the cheap, and Alina Adam’s advice for Purim costumes so easy your kids can make them (because hers did).

Young Mayim Bialik dressed as a “greaser.”

What to Make

There are plenty of fun arts and crafts ideas for Purim. Here’s a list of our favorites from craft-extraordinaire The Bible Belt Balabusta. We also suggest turning any empty juice box containers into groggers, clothespins into Purim dolls, and paper plates into mishloach manot (goody bags).

What to Do

Take pictures! We’d love to see all of your kids in their adorable Purim costumes, so be sure to take plenty of pictures. On Monday, we’ll collect them all to make a Kveller kids Purim slideshow.

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