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Rachel Bilson Named Her Daughter After a Disney Princess

Rachel Bilson and husband Hayden Christensen had their first child last October, but we’re only now getting the full scoop on how they chose their daughter’s name, Briar Rose.

In a recent interview to promote his new Lifetime movie, “90 Minutes in Heaven,” Christensen explained that the name Briar Rose came from Disney’s original “Sleeping Beauty” movie released in 1959 (which in turn got the name from The Brothers Grimm tale, “Little Briar Rose,” but hey, who’s counting?).

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Christensen explained, “We both love Disney—but Rachel especially was very keen on the name.” He also added that the pair have Disney songs playing in their home “24/7,” so it’s safe to say there’s definitely no fear of princess overload in that home.

Bilson, who was raised by a Catholic mother and Jewish father, has mostly kept her daughter’s private life, well, private, only sharing glimpses of her on social media, like this recent Instagram post:

A photo posted by @rachelbilson on

Here’s hoping that little Briar Rose has a life worthy of a Disney princess (besides for the whole being-induced-into-a-death-like-coma-until-a-man-comes-around-to-kiss-her thing).

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