Rachel Bloom's New Video '#Ladyboss' Tackles 'Leaning In' – Kveller
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Rachel Bloom’s New Video ‘#Ladyboss’ Tackles ‘Leaning In’

Rachel Bloom, who busts gender stereotypes on the CW hit show “Crazy Ex Girlfriend,” recently made a video mocking the culture of “leaning in,” which is Sheryl Sandberg’s controversial advice from her book of the same name. Bloom, in collaboration with Vanity Fair, made a video called “#Ladyboss.” You can see where this is going.

While “leaning in” sounds amazing on the surface, its advice doesn’t take into account the fact that we still live in a patriarchy, and that’s the contradiction that Bloom skewers. In fact, evidence shows that when women lean in and act assertive like men, it doesn’t help them much because they face sexism.

The video is pretty hilarious, as are most things Bloom writes:

“I want you to do what I want

But let me say it in a nice way

Oh, right, I shouldn’t care if you think I’m nice!

Do you think I’m a bitch?

Well, I don’t give a shit!

But if I do give a shit, does that make me weak?”

Check it out below:

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