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Rats Jumping into Strollers: Your New Nightmare

It’s like a horror film, except it’s real life. Apparently, in a family-friendly NYC neighborhood, the rats are getting really smart (they’re actually extremely intelligent creatures, and evolve to their environment quickly)–and they’re jumping into baby strollers.

Ahh, yes, New York’s Upper West Side—once known for its synagogues, museums, bagel shops, and being Nora Ephron’s favorite haunt. This week, however, it’s known for its stroller rats, who are adapting to the ever-changing landscape, occupying critical water resources, “boldly jumping” into strollers, and ruling the playground like it’s their job—according to the Wall Street Journal (and several other outlets that have taken the “stroller rat” story and scurried away with it). And they’re eating all the cheese puffs!!!

This rat takeover is happening around Riverside Drive, Central Park, and the Diana Ross playground, according to Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, who told Gothamist: “The issue is how brazen they are. The rats rule that playground. They’re running the joint, and parents and children can’t be there.”

So, what’s going to be done about this? Rosenthal wants to fill the playgrounds’ rat nests with dry ice, saying it’s a cruelty-free way to eradicate them, “It’s not like the rat is choking. They just go to sleep and don’t get up. It’s effective, it’s cheap, it’s what we need.”

Mayor de Blasio’s $32 million Neighborhood Rat Reduction plan involves “replacing wired trash cans with big belly steel cans, increasing trash pick up, and requiring certain buildings to curb their trash after 4 a.m. on garbage days,” as reported by Gothamist.

As for now, we advise you to beware of these Rat Warriors.

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