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Ricki Lake’s New Documentary Shows a Whole Lot of Breasts


Since becoming a mom, Ricki Lake has been cranking out feminist-y documentaries about birth and family planning like it’s nobody’s business.

In 2008, she partnered with director Abby Epstein to make a documentary about homebirth and midwivery called “The Business of Being Born,” followed up by a well-received book about birthing options titled “Your Best Birth.”

Currently she is working on three different films: one about medicinal uses of marijuana, another about the birth control pill, and one titled “Breastmilk” about, well, breastmilk.

The latest, a collaboration with filmmaker Dana Ben-Ari, is a little more controversial than Lake’s debut. It pushes the envelope with graphic images, such as squirting breasts (seen to the right), to try to normalize breastfeeding.

Lake explained to People:

“The filmmaker, Dana Ben-Ari, chose to use some very graphic and playful images of lactating breasts. To me, those shots feel humorous and celebratory from a feminist perspective. We hope that brings positive attention to the film and incites awe and wonder at the capabilities of the female body!”

We watched the trailer and it actually looks pretty great, even if the cover seems a little NSFW. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments!

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