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Here Are 7 Scenes from ‘Roseanne’ That Blew Our Minds

Roseanne Barr changed the ’80s and ’90s. Literally. Let’s remind ourselves of the fact that she created and starred in a TV show like no other. The fact that it centered around a working class mom who was portrayed as being an actual person with needs, wants, flaws, and virtues is groundbreaking. This is not the typical “Leave It to Beaver” or “Brady Bunch” mom. This was real life.

Love or hate her, the Jewish actress changed the way women have been portrayed in the media ever since — so, I rounded up seven moments of the iconic show “Roseanne” that prove why.

1. When Becky asks Roseanne for birth control.

2. When Darlene wants her boyfriend to move in.

3. When Roseanne confronts Aunt Jackie for being physically abused by her boyfriend.

4. That time Roseanne dressed as a man for Halloween, and turned gender stereotypes on their head.

5. When the Connors are dealing with financial hardship (Dan’s bike shop is going out of business, Roseanne has lost her waitressing job, and Becky ran off and eloped with her boyfriend Mark).

6. The first lesbian kiss on TV happened on the show.

7. When Nancy comes out as a lesbian.

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