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This Apple and Honey Hack Makes Rosh Hashanah So Much Fun


Looking for a way to make apples and honey more fun this Rosh Hashanah? You can make a honey bowl out of an apple, for starters. Not thrilling enough? Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder recently demonstrated an even more exciting and family-friendly apples and honey hack: super easy no-bake apple “donuts.”

Ok, so these aren’t really donuts, they’re more like apple rings with delicious toppings. (If you do need doughy, apple-y goodness, we’ve heard good things about these baked apple cider donuts.) But making this colorful and super sweet apple dessert is a really satisfying and easy process — and, aside from the coring and cutting, it’s perfect for little hands.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For base:
1 apple for 2 people
Whipped honey (if not available then regular honey works as well)

Special equipment:
An apple corer, if you have one! If not, a knife will work.

For toppings:
One or more of the following, totaling approximately 1/2 cup for each apple:
1) Mini chocolate chips
2) Sprinkles/jimmies
3) Crushed nuts

Watch Rabbi Ruth make these lovely apple donuts below, and impart some wonderful holiday wisdom along the way:

Image courtesy of Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder

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