Rosh Hashanah Resolution: Not Letting Others Get Me Down – Kveller
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rosh hashanah resolution

Rosh Hashanah Resolution: Not Letting Others Get Me Down

To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Here’s one from Kveller writer Tova Ross

As the Jewish New Year approaches and apple slices are summarily lowered into honey jars everywhere, I resolve to make this year the one where I stop giving other people power to lord over me and make me feel small.

Too often, I interpret a raised eyebrow over my son’s free reign at the playground as a valid critique of my parenting skills, or a studied ignorance by that snob at shul as a judgment of my self-worth. I take to my fainting couch in despair when I let another “no” from an editor crush my dreams of becoming a literary wunderkind. I’m already too hard on myself without tacking on the chorus of insults I frequently imagine–and sometimes actually get–from others, and enough is enough.

I will stop fueling my insecurity, make like Rhett Butler and frankly, my dear, not give a damn.

Got your own resolutions? Tweet them @Kveller with the hashtag #RoshRes.

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