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baby names

Roundup: Giving birth during the Bar Exam, not banning Circumcision, and Octomom

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-It’s over! It’s over! Remember all that brouhaha about banning circumcision in San Francisco? Well guess what? It’s off the November ballot. “After a judge ruled Thursday that state law expressly preempts local jurisdictions from regulating health care professionals.” Where will Foreskin Man fly off to next? (San Francisco Examiner)

-Speaking of the law, a pregnant woman went into labor yesterday while taking the bar exam in Illinois. That wouldn’t be so remarkable except that she finished the exam! And then gave birth two hours later. Before the test she informed the proctor that she was nine months pregnant and asked for permission to leave in case she became a screaming bloody animal (what, was that just me?) went into labor. (

-Mayim Bialik tells all about choosing her baby names. Find out why she chose Miles Roosevelt and Fredrick Heschel and what their connection is to  the names Meir Rosh and Ephraim Hirsch.  (NameCandy)

-An awesome slide show about how to handle tantrums in public. (MadameNoire)

-Octomom and her brood on the Today Show. My favorite part is when Ann Curry has to rescue one of the kids who is trying to escape. (Today Show)

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