Roundup: Giving Birth in Prison, Anita Hill, and Tay-Sachs – Kveller
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Roundup: Giving Birth in Prison, Anita Hill, and Tay-Sachs

– A new report on how US prisons treat pregnant women in their custody  has some pretty shocking results. Shackling women giving birth? How can that even be legal? Each state was given a letter grade of A through F. Also of note, there are now more women in prison than ever before. To see how your state fared, click here. (AP)

– About one in five Ashkenazi Jews are carriers of at least one of 16 Jewish genetic diseases. That in itself is not news. But there is a new campaign launching to educate rabbis about genetic diseases so that they can encourage couples to get tested before getting pregnant. (JTA)

– Anita Hill is back! Almost 20 years after testifying before the U.S. Senate that Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her, the Supreme Court Justice’s wife, Virginia, wants Hill to apologize. She said as much in a sorta creepy sounding message that she left on Hill’s voicemail at work. Hill has been a professor at Brandeis for the past 12 years. The campus this week has been flooded with reporters pulling over students for man-on-the street interviews, much to the students’ chagrin. (NY Times/The Brandeis Hoot)

– And in more important  matters, Jill Zarin of Real Housewives of New York weighs in on the  Lindsay Lohan issue, saying she shouldn’t go to jail, she just needs help. Zarin says that Lindsay is at a disadvantage because her parents are divorced and aren’t working together to support her. Zarin is the author of Secrets of a Jewish Mother, so she knows about these things.  (
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