Roundup: Giving Birth Like You Make Love, Adopting Noah, and Latkes! – Kveller
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Roundup: Giving Birth Like You Make Love, Adopting Noah, and Latkes!

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

–Now that I’m a mom, it’s not difficult to make me cry. Just show me something sad or happy about parent and child, and well, hello tears. This story about a Philadelphia couple trying to adopt a baby in Kazakhstan did the trick. They’ve been living in a small Kazakh town for months trying to bring home a little boy they now call Noah. Looks like this Thanksgiving their dream came true. (NY Times)

-Here’s a little bit of awesomeness for your day. A Manhattan lawyer in the middle of a trial preemptively asked for a day off to celebrate the bris of his grandson. The baby isn’t yet born and the lawyer doesn’t yet know the sex of the child, but wanted to give the judge ample warning. He added that he would basically be disappointed if the child was a girl and the day off wouldn’t be necessary because there would be nor formal celebration. And here’s how the judge responded.  (WSJ)

-“Giving birth is the most intimate experience we can imagine. And how we make love is how we want to give birth.” Here’s an argument for giving birth at home. Also of note here, the United States has the  second worst newborn death rate in the developed world and one of the highest maternal mortality rates. (Huffington P0st)

-Art projects during breakfast? Shipping foam mats to villas in France? Can we engineer the perfect child?And why the hell are we trying? Katie Roiphe’s piece in the Financial Times was picked up by Slate and caused a shitstorm or comments there. (Financial Times)

-We all love the latke. But what about the Double Down Latke Sandwich? This video, straight from LA. (Jewish Journal)

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