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Roundup: Photos of Babies Before they Die, Israeli Paternity Leave

All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-It’s not easy to figure out how to honor the memory of a lost child. But to help, a group of photographers are volunteering in hospitals, taking photos of stillborn babies and other babies that for a number of reasons aren’t able to survive. The results are somewhat harrowing, but some parents say these mementos help them wade through their grief.  Traditional Jewish law looks down on mourning this sort of loss, but contemporary Jewish thought says otherwise.   (Washington Post)

-A new bill proposed in Israel would offer a more generous paternity leave for new dads. If it passes, the bill would allow men to take off seven paid days when their children are born. When compared to European countries this no great shakes, but compared to the United States (where men get squat, and women get close to squat) this wold be a great achievement.  (Sisterhood)

-Program at local JCC helps train babysitters to take care of special needs children. Pretty moving stuff, actually. (NY Times)

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