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ruth bader ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is My Hero & Fashion Icon — Here’s Why

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is best known for being an advocate for justice and a feisty, fierce feminist. We don’t have to list all her amazing accomplishments as a Jewish female justice on the United States Supreme Court (though you know the landmark Roe v. Wade decision? Ginsburg was there).

But RBG — in addition to being the only justice with a notorious nickname — is kvell-worthy for another reason: She’s a style icon.

Ginsburg’s taste in fashion represents her fearlessness and her feminism. For instance, while most male justices just wear shirts and ties, she shows up to court with lacy collars and fishnet gloves (which she’s also worn to synagogue. Chic!). Her favorite collar is her white beaded jabot from South Africa and — fun fact — her white ribbon collar is actually from the Metropolitan Opera’s gift shop.

As she once told Katie Couric, she even has a “dissent collar” — which she famously wore the day after Trump was elected — and a “majority opinion collar.”

But that’s not all: Ginsburg’s huge vintage clip-on earrings and colorful, eclectic outfits — like a Chinese silk shirt or embroidered shirts and scarves — are just a few ways she makes her personality known.

In honor of Ginsburg’s 85th birthday, let’s take a look through her fantastic wardrobe. Here’s some of my favorites:

These earrings, that simple black-and-white collar and robe combination:

This modern, print dress is everything — and those white gloves:

Proving you can be foxy at any age (that gorgeous wave #hairgoals):

One of her iconic collars:

Those red accessories:

And did I mention how cool her glasses are:

Retro RBG is just as stunning (and look at those blue gradient lenses):

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