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ScarJo Welcomes Baby Girl, Rose Dorothy!

A huge mazel tov is in order–or should we say felicitations?

Scarlett Johansson (with a little help from her French journalist Romain Dauriac) just birthed a French-Jewish baby girl in New York City–presumably with gorgeous voluptuous lips like her mom.

The baby has the most adorable old person’s name, Rose Dorothy (coincidently two Golden Girls), named for Scarlett’s grandmother, whom the actress has described as “the first Francophone in my family.”

I think it’s a safe guess that Rose Dorothy is the grandmother on Scarlett’s Jewish side (which hails from Poland and Minsk), hence the Old World names–or shtetl names as Carla Naumburg put it.

Either way, we’re dying to see photos of the gorgeous babe. Congrats, Scarlett and Romain!

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