'Sesame Street' & 'Green Eggs and Ham' Parodies Rip Into Trump Budget – Kveller
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‘Sesame Street’ & ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Parodies Rip Into Trump Budget

Everyone loves a good parody, right? The latest video from What’s Trending uses Elmo (poor Elmo!) getting canned thanks to the proposed Trump budgets.

It shows what could happen if President Donald Trump’s proposed budget cuts actually happen–“Sesame Street” characters would lose their jobs. While “Sesame Street” may not be affected (since it has contract with HBO, now other educational PBS shows definitely could be.)

In this “The Apprentice”-like scene, Elmo gets some pretty bad news. He gets fired–and it’s not pretty.

It seems subversive parodies of classic kids’ art is having a moment right now–partially as a way to educate, and partially as a way to find humor as a way to cope.

MTV, for instance, published this parody of “Green Eggs and Ham,” as a poem titled “Green Eggs and Scam,” focusing on Paul Ryan’s role in attempting to repeal Obamacare. Some of the lines are just absolutely brilliant (and terrifying!):

“But what of the rich and their chance at tax cuts?

I have a plan, it will make you quite happy.

Now, no one read it, let’s vote — make it snappy!”

“Wait, what’s your plan?” asked the people. “We’d like to hear it.

Does it help more of us or should we all fear it?”

“Fear it, ha! It’s got all the bells and the whistles,

And we’ll still get to spend billions on all of those missiles

The plan is so simple, it’s far fewer pages

And helps all of those with the highest of wages.”

“But what if you’re poor, what happens to us?

What if you need chemo and still take the bus?”

“You’ll be fine,” said The Ryan, “Just give it a try.

For instance, if you have cancer, why, you can just die!'”


Don’t forget to watch the video where Elmo gets fired below:

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