Show & Tell: 6-Year-Old Baer & His Stuffed Lion – Kveller
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show & tell

Show & Tell: 6-Year-Old Baer & His Stuffed Lion

This is the 19th post in our portrait series, Show & Tell, which features children ages 4-12 photographed with their favorite object. 

Who: Baer, age 6

What: Stuffed lion, named Lionell

baer show & tell

Zivar Amrami

Why: Baer received Lionell as a gift from his mother when he was in the hospital, which was very scary. In fact, Baer went to three different hospitals and still remembers the sharp knife. For two days while he lay in bed, his parents switched off being with him, but Lionell was the constant. Baer sleeps with him every night, along with his other friends Busterd and Penguiy. It just feels right.


Zivar Amrami


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