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show & tell

Show & Tell: From Music Boxes to Ponies, Kids Show Us Their Favorite Things

Our photo project, Show & Tell, is coming to a close. The series, photographed and curated by Zivar Amrami, has featured children, ages 3-12, photographed with their favorite object. Shot in their homes, each child told us the “who,” “what,” and “why” stories behind their favorite things.

Here is the final installment, featuring kids whose favorite objects were exemplified parts of their personalities, deepest wishes, and desires:

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Maayan, age 6

What: Music box

Why: Maayan received her music box when she turned 4 from her friend Charlotte. Since Charlotte already had one, she gave the other to Maayan. The box plays music, and she fills it with rocks she finds at the Long Dock; she draws with the rocks, then keeps them safe in her music box, so her siblings don’t take them.

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Odeliah, age 3

What: High heels

Why: Odeliah received her high heels from her older sister, Maayan. The shoes were passed down, because Maayan outgrew them. Odeliah likes wearing them in the house, and pretends to be her sister (who she loves, of course).

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Tal, age 4

What: Hockey jersey

Why: His Abba (father) was a goalie last year when Tal was 3, and all of Abba’s teeth fell out. Now Tal is taking his place, and he can’t wait to be the best goalie ever. The jersey is a hand-me-down from cousin Izzy.

Zivar Amrami

Zivar Amrami

Who: Ella Pearl, age 4

What: Rainbow Dash and Twight Park

Why: Ella said: “I just love them. I play with them and look at them a lot and pretend they are princesses and horses.”

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