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Soleil Moon Frye Opens Up About Her Fourth Pregnancy

Soleil Moon Frye is no stranger to pregnancy. The mom of three is pregnant with her fourth child (which she announced in November). Juggling all the many mouths and schedules definitely takes a lot of work and dedication, and Frye was kind enough to share some of her best mommy tips with PEOPLE

Some of what she recommends are all things we’ve heard from our bubbes, like walking and picking out fresh veggies, for instance:

“I do a lot of walking. Things that you can do with the kids. I’m running after them so much, so just staying active and running after the kids and being with [them], and we cook a lot together.

We go to the farmers market and we gather fresh veggies and fruit. Teaching them about food is a great way [to stay healthy] because then you really know what you’re eating. And if you can’t go to the farmers market, at least just being aware and cooking together.”

She also, like your mom, talks about the miracle of drinking lots and lots of water. Personally, I’m terrible at drinking water–I readily admit that I’m still very much like a kid who wants everything I ingest to taste like something amazing. So, I kind of love what she says about how to make that cold glass of water even tastier:

“Drinking lots and lots of water. Of course, I love sugar. And now when I’m trying to do something different, I’ll get my sparkling water and then I’ll add fruit to it, which gives it a little bit of that sweetness.”

And when it comes to the “post-baby body” (which I personally hate this phrase, as if the implication is the need to lose 30 pounds…because who cares? Post-baby body really just means SUPERHERO BODY), she’s refreshingly grounded:

“I think the most important thing is first, just being able to be present and take the time to enjoy and do what’s right for you. I think everyone is totally different and what feels right for some might not feel right for others and so I don’t think there should be a pressure to try and get right back. I mean, for me, it did not happen quickly or easily.”

She says it best–it’s about what’s right for you. How can anyone argue with that?

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