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Someone Invented a Breast Pump That You Don’t Have to Get Naked to Use

There’s finally a breast pump that isn’t a strange medieval device–and has modernized with the times, like a Seamless app for your baby. Sort of. It’s called the Willow. Once it hits shelves this spring, it’ll be available for $400.

So, what makes this breast pump different from all the rest? You can be fully dressed. And it’s hands-free, because it doesn’t require to be plugged in. How awesome is that? This means you can be more discreet if you want, meaning people won’t notice you’re pumping while at work, commuting, cooking dinner, or just at home by yourself. And you can actually feel COMFORTABLE. Apparently, you can just tuck the pump into your bra, and then the milk goes into little bags inside the pump.

The product debuted this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas–and you won’t believe that it was created by two male inventors in the health care business. It seems they did a good makeover, considering an ordinary breast pump needs to be plugged in, uses a lot of noise, and has a lot of parts that have to be cleaned after. It’s basically a human milking machine. Not very modern at all–or something that makes you feel good about what you’re doing.

This is why it’s awesome that the Willow pump, according to its creators, can be used for at least four of five pumping sessions and then can be put in a dishwasher to clean. As of now, under Obamacare, workplaces are required to offer women a private room for pumping. This way, you don’t have to be shuttled in a private room if your company even has one, which many don’t. Or have to go into a bathroom to do it.

The scary-tech part of this whole thing: It comes with an app that records how much milk you’ve pumped and saves your history. Yup, it’s gone there.

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