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Super Bowl Babies Are Back & Cuter Than Ever as Football Legends

NFL ad

The NFL’s Super Bowl babies are back–and they’re more adorable than ever. Last year, the National Football League launched the babies campaign with a music video that showed how cities that win a Super Bowl see an increase in births nine months after the victory. That’s a hard concept to follow up. But somehow, they did.

Grey New York created “Baby Legends,” a 30-second clip that features babies dressed up as NFL legends, including coach Mike Ditka, Michael Irvin, coach Vince Lombardi, Joe Namath, coach Bill Belichick, Marshawn Lynch, and Von Miller. Dawn Hudson, the NFL’s chief marketing officer, stated:

“We are excited to build upon the success of last year’s Super Bowl Babies campaign. Through our new spot, we wanted to celebrate the players, coaches, and legends who have helped make football America’s game while also engaging viewers of all ages in a fun fashion.”

“You’re the Inspiration” by Chicago is the commercial’s soundtrack–which is a clever touch. Check out the ad below:

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