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Superbowl Snacks for Jews

When I think about the Superbowl, I think of the gigantic-sized serving of matzah ball soup offered at Max & Benny’s, my favorite Jewish deli in Chicago. I guess other people might think of that big sports game where two teams of oversized men wear shiny leggings and knock each other out. Regardless, the one thing I’m pretty sure we can all agree on is that the best part about watching sports is eating snacks.

Over on The Nosher, Shannon Sarna has been posting some recipes for game day snacks that sound–and look–incredible. If you’re planning on whipping up anything for the big game, we highly recommend you check these out:

Chicken Wings Two Ways: Featuring both traditional and sweet-and-spicy Asian wings.

“Marry Me” Brisket Sliders: So good, if you serve to your intended, they will definitely fall in love.

Kosher Stuffed Potato Skins: Ditching the regular bacon topping for some veggie chili.

Happy cooking, and yay for sports!

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