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Jewish baby names

The 2017 Most Popular Jewish Baby Names for Girls

It’s that time of year again. You know the one–the one where we tell you what the top Jewish baby names for girls are. Nameberry released its list recently–and some of them are classics, while others are stunning beauties that you may not have thought of. (Check out our Jewish baby name bank here for more inspiration.)

Here’s what they are:

1. Charlotte (#3). Charlotte is a popular name popularized by immigrants because it means “free,” though it’s not strictly Jewish (maybe the fact that both Chelsea Clinton and the Duchess of Cambridge recently named their daughters Charlotte has helped catapult this one into popularity!)

2. Ava (#4). Ava means “life” in Hebrew.

3. Elizabeth (#29). Elizabeth is a Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath.”

4. Sadie (#36). It’s a nickname for Sarah (meaning “princess”), a name made famous by the biblical wife of Abraham, also the mother of Isaac

5. Maya (#48). It’s a nickname for Amalia, which is Hebrew meaning “work of God.”

6. Lila (#51). Lila is a Hebrew name meaning “night.”

7. Eliza (#66). It’s a nickname for Elizabeth, a Hebrew name meaning “God is my oath.” (Also one of the sisters in Hamilton).

8. Zara (#70). Zara is a Hebrew name meaning “princess.”

9. Abigail (#80). Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning “my father is joy.” In the Bible, Avigail becomes one of King David’s wives.

10. Eliana (#88).  Eliana is a Hebrew name meaning “My God has answered.”

For more naming inspiration, visit our Jewish Baby Name Finder.

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