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The 8 Best Podcasts To Tune Out Your Kids

Everyone seems to have a podcast they love — but if you’re feeling a little lost amid all the options, don’t worry. It can be impossible to keep up with the myriad of podcasts these days — what with all those good shows on Netflix, those Oscar-nominated movies you’ve just gotta see, and, you know, those kids who need to be, like, fed and and shuttled to soccer games and stuff.

So, we asked our community of Kveller readers about their favorite podcasts, and they gave us so many gems. (No surprise there; they have fantastic taste!). Here’s what they recommend — and we couldn’t agree more:

1. Unorthodox

Unorthodox is Tablet‘s podcast, where everything Jewish-related is on the table, whether it’s the latest Jewish celebrity news (like what Drake’s been up to) to things your non-Jewish friends always wanted to know about Judaism. It’s all with a healthy dose of humor; how can you not like a podcast that has an entire episode dedicated to nose jobs?

2. Literature and History

For literature and history nerds, this podcast is for you. It showcases great works of literature and puts it in historical/cultural context -— but in a way that’s fun and enjoyable, not dry like a lecture class in college with a boring professor. Plus, they have fun quizzes. (And everyone loves quizzes — at least when you’re not being graded for real).

3. The Joy of Text

If you are hungry for a monthly podcast about “Judaism, sexuality, and the intersection of the two,” you’re in luck with this one. Rabbinic and medical experts weigh in on a wide variety of issues — from pornography to hook-up culture — giving a nuanced and balanced approach to topics like birth control and consent.

4. The Hilarious World of Depression

Depression isn’t usually thought of as being hilarious — or something to trivialize — but this podcast aims to destigmatize the disorder. Each episode examines how high-profile people live with depression in an honest way, and guests include Rachel Bloom, Julie Klausner, Ted Leo, Jeff Tweedy, and more.

5.  Invisibilia

What’s up with the parts of yourself that no one sees? What about your “real self?” This NPR podcast — which “explores the invisible forces that shape human behavior,” such as ideas and emotions, digs deep into psychology and “brain science.” If you’re feeling deep (or deep-ish), this is for you.

6. My Favorite Murder

This “true crime comedy” is hosted by two women, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. The show focuses on murder and hometown crime stories, but in a way that won’t freak you out. There’s even an episode called “My Firstest Murder.”

7. The Moth

The Moth podcast is simple idea: true tales told live. The stories are incredibly diverse and range from people like Jewish writer Nathan Englander to Abraham Leno, a former refugee from Guinea. Part of the Moth’s mission is to “honor and celebrate the diversity and commonality of human experience,” and it’s not to be missed.

8. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

This hilarious podcast, hosted by funny Mom star Faris, is billed as “not-so-great relationship advice from completely unqualified Hollywood types.” Ed Helms, Brittany Snow, and Alanis Morrisette are just some of the celebrities who’ve been guests.

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