The Anti-Valentine's Day Card, Brought to You By Larry David – Kveller
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The Anti-Valentine’s Day Card, Brought to You By Larry David

Valentine’s Day is next week. That’s good news if you’re a romantic — or, say, a lover of Hallmark holidays — but maybe you hate the holiday. Perhaps you are having a rough patch in the romance department, or maybe you abhor all thinks pink, red and heart-shaped.

Or maybe you just love a good, ironic card for any and all occasions. If any of these describe you, then we have found the right card for you.

It’s a Larry David Valentine’s Day card! Whether or not you actually give it to someone on February 14, it’s the perfect card for a day full of awkward jokes and conversations. You can celebrate it with an amazing card we found on Etsy:

larry david

If you want a slightly more romantic version (well, as romantic as Larry David could ever get), there’s also this version:

Whether or not you love Valentine’s Day, or hate it — or feel somewhere in between — we have to admit: Both of these cards are prettay, prettay, prettay good.

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