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The Best Afikoman Gifts for the Kids at Passover Seder

To help keep your kids entertained during the seder and beyond!


Looking for, and finding, the afikoman is the highlight of the Passover seder for many kids (if you’re looking for ideas of where to hide the afikoman, by the way, we have quite a few).

But every family has different traditions around afikoman gifts. In many houses, the reward for finding the afikoman is a dollar. In others, afikoman gifts are a must — and not just for the lucky kid who found the hidden piece of matzah, but also for the rest of the kids attending the Passover seder.

If you’re scratching your head about what to get for the kids attending your seder, here are some great affordable options that will keep kids occupied until the end of the meal. Some of these may even entertain them throughout the entire holiday. Every option in this shopping list is $10 or under:


Just make sure they don’t drop any pieces on the floor!

Minecraft lego

Super Mario frog

Creative monster lego set

Elsa’s castle

… and more


Adults will want to play these, too.

Uno Junior / Star Wars Uno

Dog Man the Hot Dog

Guess Who?

Frog dice game

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (sorry for the pizza reminder, but it’s really great)

Sensory play:

To help focus on the haggadah.

Frog pop-it

Squeeze frog

Art and crafts:

Get creative!

Paint by number sticker color books

Rainbow scratch pads

Crayola Scribble Scrubbies


We love puzzles.

Dinosaur puzzle

Unicorn puzzle

Firetruck puzzle

Candy bags: 

If the food as the seder isn’t enough?

Kosher for Passover candy


I’m not sure why socks are considered a bad gift; I think everyone at your seder deserves a pair.

Rite Lite Passover socks

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