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The Best Hanukkah Craft Ideas on the Internet

How do you get your kids in the spirit of Hanukkah? Why with these fun Hanukkah crafts, of course!

From creating your own menorahs to making delicious, edible dreidels, we’ve compiled a list of the best Hanukkah crafts out there:

Make your own menorah mold 

Make an edible dreidel

Make a Hanukkah sun catcher 

Make Hanukkah decorations using leftover gelt 

Make your own Lego dreidels

Make a flame-free menorah using swim noodles 

Decorate your own Hanukkah cookies 

Make a mini, portable menorah out of an Altoids tin

Make a citrus menorah —using, yes, citrus! 

Make a mosaic menorah 

Make a “gift menorah” using toilet-paper tubes 

Make menorah wall art using felt

Make a dreidel decoration with fuse beads


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