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The Best Jewish Hats on the Internet

These baseball caps are perfect for the Jewish dad in your life — or yourself.


As I was perusing Etsy the other day, the marketplace platform kept recommending I buy baseball hats. “They’re the perfect Father’s Day gift!” the ads argued. Well, the ads knew what they were doing, because I did indeed order a hat. But was it for the man/father in my life, or was it for me?

Yes, my husband has been wearing hats for years, but lately, I’ve been obsessed with baseball caps, too. Bad hair day? Baseball cap! Want to send the world a cute message about your love for bagels? Baseball cap! Going on a zoo outing in 80 degree weather? Baseball cap! (But also don’t forget to drink lots of water, a lesson I recently learned the hard way.)

Yes, the baseball cap is otherwise known as the dad hat, but I think it’s for everyone. It might just be the perfect thing to buy for the Jewish dad in your life, and then steal. And so, here is a trove of Jewish baseball caps (not to be confused with other types of Jewish hats) that make for perfect Father’s Day gifts and beyond:

Bagels hat

We love bagels.

Another bagels hat

We love bagels so much we need two hats with the word bagel on this list.

Babka hat from Silver Spider

We also love babka.

Tchochkes hat from Modern Tribe/Silver Spider

If you gift someone a tchotchkes hat, be sure to fill it with a bunch of tchotchkes.

Katz’s deli hat

For the deli and “When Harry Met Sally” fan.

Ralph Lifshitz hat from Old Jewish Men

Yes, Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Lifshitz in the Bronx, and it’s time to let everyone know.

Pastrami on rye hat

Is there anything better than pastrami on rye?

Embroidered pastrami sandwich hat

Yes, there is something better than pastrami on rye — a pastrami sandwich with a side of juicy pickle, which is what this hat portrays.

Chutzpah hat 

Hopefully this hat infuses some extra chutzpah into its wearer!

Ladino baseball cap

We love Ladino and we want everyone to know.

Jewish space laser hat

For those who can’t and won’t stop making fun of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unhinged 2021 statement.

Nice Jewish Boy hat

For the Nice Jewish Boy in your life.

Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty good hat & Executive Producer: Larry David hat

For the person who will never stop being a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fan.

Russ & Daughters hat

For lovers of appetizing and Jake Gyllenhaal.

My other hat is a yarmulke hat

The perfect hat doesn’t exi—

Shkoyach hat

The encouraging Yiddish statement will help put out good vibes into the world.


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