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The Best Kid-Friendly Crafts for Tu Bishvat

Happy Tu Bishvat, the Jewish birthday of trees! This is a great holiday for making kids aware of the earth and all its bountiful beauty. If you’ve got some free time with the kids today, we rounded up a few craft projects you can do to get them in the “tree state of mind.”

1. Have a forest fiesta! Break out the paper, glue, buttons, and paint and create a forest with your kids. These two projects will leave you with a pretty play dough garden, and a landscape of paper trees. (Mum Paints Lives)

2. Make some cardboard leaves with stencils and paints! Get crazy and do some finger painting–there are many techniques you can use with this one. (Creative Jewish Mom)

3. Since we celebrate Tu Bishvat by eating fruit, that means there’s definitely room for chocolate fruit! Check out these yummy/easy to make “Tu Bishvat fruit plates.” (Chabad)

4. This 3D cardboard tree is an easy craft that looks super cool. All you need is some cardboard tubes and decorating materials. (Joyful Jewish)

5. Here’s another project you can eat (best kind)! Raid the supermarket for all different kinds of colorful fruit, and create a fruit mandala.

6. Let your little ones get their hands dirty by planting parsley. You’ll need a small flowerpot, potting soil, parsley seeds, and markers! Best part? It will be ready just in time for your Passover seder.

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