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The Best Menorahs for Kids

overlapping dreidel pattern

Kids and fire — the two are not supposed to mix, for obvious reasons.

But on Hanukkah, which starts on the evening of December 18 this year and where candle-lighting is, arguably, the most important tradition, they must. And unlike Shabbat, where just two suffice, the volume of candles can get a bit alarming as the days progress.

Now, whether or not you’re comfortable with that as a parent is a whole other deal — I for one am terrified of my toddler, who we’ve nicknamed “the hurricane,” and his propensity for climbing tables this holiday season, and plan to keep my menorahs as far away from him as humanly possible.

That being said, there’s just something so special about having a menorah for each one of your kids — those memories of lighting the menorah are some of my favorite childhood memories, and feeling like my parents trusted me with an open flame did give me a little confidence boost, I must say.

That’s why I definitely plan to have both my littles involved in the candle lighting this year. If you too are of the same mind, I’ve put together a list of both candle-holding and flame-free menorahs that you can order for your kids (spoiler alert: aforementioned toddler is getting the latter option).

And if you’re not satisfied with any of these options, here are some good ideas for DIY menorahs.

Please make sure to never leave a lit menorah unattended, tinfoil and fireproof wherever you can and of course, keep the plush and foam and wooden ones far away from the ones you do plan to light up this year!

Have a happy — and safe — Hanukkah!

The non flammable kind:

Magna-Tiles menorah

My kids love building things out of Magna-Tiles, and this Hanukkah themed set allows you to “light” a candle every night.

Hanukkah foam menorah

An affordable, flame-free option that’s fun and colorful.

Flora the menorah

I haven’t personally read the book this adorable menorah comes with, but I do love this cute plush menorah that comes with a soft, huggable flower and battery-powered lights that will make for a calming bedtime Hanukkah ritual.

Go! menorah 

A super simple light-up menorah that you can leave unattended!

Xylophone menorah 

A wooden menorah that doubles as a xylophone! Love this option for a first menorah.

Hanukkah felt menorah

This great Hanukkah felt banner is so pretty, and you can just add a candle to it together each night.

KiwiCo’s Menorah Project Kit

I’ve been a KiwiCo subscriber for many years but this Hanukkah set was my favorite to put together, maybe ever. It teaches your kids about refracted light, and it looks so good on our mantle.

Build a brick menorah

With over 250 pieces, this Lego-like menorah is another super fun construction project that is so colorful and makes for a fun year-round decoration.

Paint your own wooden menorah 

This Target craft kit allows your kid to paint their own wooden menorah, which you can then “light” together every night.

Plush menorah 

The smile on this plush menorah just kills me. I love it so much.

Wax candle menorahs

Ner mitzvah magnetic travel menorah

This colorful, magnetic menorah comes in a metal case and is perfect for you if you’re traveling with your family this Hanukkah.

Personalized wooden block menorah

I mean, is there anything more special than a menorah with your name on it? You can DIY it, of course, but this wooden block option is so classy and sweet.

T-rex menorah

Is your kid obsessed with dinosaurs? Is half their wardrobe adorned with dinosaur prints? Is going through their toybox just a plastic trip through prehistoric times? Then complete their collection with this dinosaur Hanukkah menorah.

Doggie menorah

This dachshund menorah absolutely melts my heart.

Spaceship menorah

For those kids who want to be an astronaut when they grow up.

Donut menorah

Does your kid want to visit Dunkin’ after every school pickup? If so, I commiserate, but also they might love this menorah.

Princess menorah 

For the little princess or prince of your home.

Nail polish menorah

For your kids who love a manicure and pedicure! I love that each nail polish candle holder has a Hanukkah themed color name. Seriously, I would so get a Hanukkah nail polish kit!

Emoji menorah

Do you have a kid who always messages you with a ton of emojis? Here’s a menorah for them.

Sports menorah

The perfect menorah for the athletic kid in your life.

Nuts and bolts menorah

This menorah has almost 750 pieces for those kids who love a construction project.

Hanukkah caterpillar menorah

This caterpillar is just such a cutie!

Hanukkah DIY caterpillar

A kit for kids 3 and older to make a sweet little menorah.

All of our recommendations are independently selected by Kveller’s editorial team. We may earn a commission if you buy something through one of our affiliate links.

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