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The Best Parenting Posts on Reddit

If you haven’t heard of Mommit, now you will (and you may hate/love me because of it). It’s the mom group on Reddit. Oh yes, I’m going there–Reddit is definitely a hole in space that will take away precious hours of your life–but honestly, sometimes you just need to chill and sort of enjoy browsing around, without feeling too much guilt.

Here are some of my favorite threads in the group–which range from super cute (pictures of sleeping babies and cats with babies) to serious (moms opening up about postpartum depression and loneliness to coffee rants) to advice-seeing (tantrums!).

Pumping at the Airport like…

My 3 yr old is obsessed with zombies. So like any irresponsible parent, I made him a zombie bed sheet at his request. from Mommit

Snack bowl? Nope, yarmulke. from Mommit

Some of the posts are beautifully honest and funny.

Finally told my husband… from Mommit

My husband’s solo dinner from Mommit

I gave her what she asked for… And this is how she repays me! from Mommit

Actual conversation with my 7-year-old “artiste” from Mommit

You know you’re a mom when… from Mommit

And just because, here’s some cute baby and babies with animal photos from Reddit in general (you can get lost on there):

How do I capture this Pikachu? from babies

Baby gets glasses and can see clearly for the first time from FeelsLikeTheFirstTime

Baby tries a lemon for the first time from FeelsLikeTheFirstTime

My son met a dog

Baby’s first time snowboarding from FeelsLikeTheFirstTime

Baby hears for the first time (X-post /r/gifs) from FeelsLikeTheFirstTime

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