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The Emmys Dress: Making This as Easy as Possible

The search for this year’s Emmy dress is already going much smoother than last year’s search.

One reason is that I have a stylist named Ali who I really like, who understands me and my fashion needs, and who isn’t afraid to be honest with me. She’s also not freaked out by all of my weird Jewish modesty clothing issues. As I described in my last post about the search for my Emmy dress, I sent my stylist some images of classic Hollywood dresses, classic paintings depicting dresses I like, and pictures of Hollywood actresses in dresses I like. Then, I waited.

Ali came back to me with bids from a few designers, some known, some lesser known, and we started looking through them. The first sketch I saw was very pretty and I was as surprised as anyone to say this, but it didn’t look like an Emmy dress. I can’t put my finger on why, but I think it didn’t look…special enough. Granted, I’m not aiming to show up at the Emmys looking like a runway model or like Lady Gaga, but I definitely want to like what I’m wearing and feel that it’s perfect. Or as perfect as anything can be when you’re as indecisive and neurotic as I am.

One of the bids came from a designer who informed us that she was willing to add sleeves to any of their existing strapless dresses. Although I was flattered and happy to hear that a designer would be willing to tznius-ize a dress for me, if ever there is a night that I want to feel I’m wearing something made for me and not simply modified for me, this is the night.

Another choice Ali showed me was a designer I’ve never heard of, but that’s not saying much because I’ve never heard of anyone. Ali likes the designer a lot and they presented us with a photograph of a dress in slate blue. Ali texted me the image one afternoon with the simple message, “I hope u love this as much as I do.” I did. Decision made.

Point of reference: I’m the person who bought and wore the first wedding dress I ever tried on. I am not looking to make this dress decision any more of a production and–forgive me–a time-suck than it already has been. I’d rather spend my time designing the Jewish-themed piece of jewelry I hope to wear on the red carpet so I told Ali I was 99% sold on the dress.

Ali had to then go back to the designer, discuss time frame for production and delivery, and contemplate a few minor modifications we were interested in making. That’s where we’re at.


Dress: 99% sure of designer and dress, working on a few stylistic modifications, unsure of color.
Mood: Cautiously optimistic, moderately excited.

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