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The Emotional Reason for This Mom’s Disney-Themed Breastfeeding Photo


Choosing to breastfeed is a personal choice–and there is no shame in choosing to nurse or not choosing to nurse. For one mom in Florida, who is also a photographer, the choice was especially complicated and nuanced–which is why she has photographed different women breastfeeding–including herself.

Recently, Yaky Di Roma, the Venezuelan photographer behind Di Roma Photography, took photos of herself breastfeeding her 3-year-old son Hans. In one pictures, she was dressed as Maleficent from “Sleeping Beauty,” and in other, she wore a white dress with a flower crown.

Auto retrato / Self Portrait #2years

A post shared by Yaky Di Roma (@diromaphotography) on

Her Maleficent photo isn’t just a reference to the Disney film, but is symbolic, because of why she continues to breastfeed her toddler son. Hans has autism, which has made it hard for him to wean. Because of this, she has been told that she is doing wrong by her son.

She told The Huffington Post this:

″Of course I want to do whatever I can to help him. I just want to be a good mom and in the end, that’s what moms want to do, right? Be good moms to their little ones.”

Here are her amazing photographs celebrating women who breastfeed–you can see more on her site, on Facebook, and on Instagram:

🇻🇪Normalizando La Lactancia Materna 🇺🇸Normalizing breastfeeding #TetadaMiami #QueVivaLaTeta @mariadfs

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La maternidad es un desastre, es hermosa, pero es un desastre. Desde el momento que quedas embarazada todo es un desastre, las hormonas, las emociones… pero es de esos pocos desastres maravillosos, te cambia para mejor y te enseña lo mejor (y lo peor) de ti. Te enseña que los “te amo” antes de tu hijo, no eran tan grandes como pensabas. Te enseña que puedes aguantar dolores físicos que sientes que te van a matar pero no, ahí sigues… te enseña que puedes vivir sin dormir bien por un año (o más 😭😂). Te enseña a tolerar olores indescriptibles 😂💩 te enseña a crecer y a madurar… esta foto es lo que para mi es la maternidad, es algo bello y caótico, que casi nada sale como lo planificas pero al final, todo sale bien. 💙 🇻🇪Normalizando La Lactancia Materna 🇺🇸Normalizing breastfeeding #TetadaMiami #38Mamis 💙 #QueVivaLaTeta @alesssita @nenacecilia @natachamoreno @elianefranco @tia_fa @gab_mom_miami @taydeprada @mommy.primeriza @vanerodriguezg @mommahen0613 @pamorlet @anvegoca @silvahelen @mayra_rivas23 @learningtobemom @airamalopez @danielauc06 @ccpz100 @perlabalza @foodfromdheart @astridsevilla1 @pieripau @yosemy1983 @umami.ari @anacarosuarez @mayrimrg @marialegutsi @mariadfs @mary_bellin @marianaweffer23 @yulia382 @maririra @nata.pulido @yohita16 @anarociove @cintilimei @vidacomomama @edlyanmer

A post shared by Yaky Di Roma (@diromaphotography) on

Auto retrato / Self Portrait #2years

A post shared by Yaky Di Roma (@diromaphotography) on

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