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The Glamorous Housewife’s Guide to Shabbat: Sweet Tea Chicken

Sweet tea chicken

For this edition of The Glamorous Housewive’s Guide To Hosting Shabbat (you can see January’s menu here and February’s menu here), I am thrilled to introduce my new favorite chicken. The “secret” ingredient is a southern staple–sweet tea! At first I was wary of how chicken would taste when marinated overnight in sweet tea, but after taking my first bite I was hooked! The sweetness of the tea combines perfectly with the tang of the lemon and the piney scent of the fresh rosemary. The side dishes are easy to prepare, delightfully flavorful, and most can be made ahead of time.


Sweet tea chicken

Israeli couscous with caramelized onions and cranberries

Broccoli salad with a twist

Strawberry spinach salad with a raspberry vinaigrette (omit the feta if you are kosher)

Salted caramel apple cupcakes (you can substitute margarine and soy cream cheese if you are kosher)

Israeli couscous


Read through each recipe and make a grocery list.


1. Grocery shop.

2. If you are pressed for time on Thursday and Friday, you can make the dressing for the broccoli salad and the spinach salad today.


1. Marinade the chicken overnight. If you don’t have time on Friday to cook the chicken then you can marinade it over Wednesday night and bake it on Thursday, but it will dry out a bit by Friday.

2. If you haven’t made the dressing for the broccoli salad, you should do that today. You can also toss everything in the salad together except for the almonds. Those should be added right before serving.

3. If you haven’t made the strawberry salad dressing, you can do that today. You can also slice the strawberries and keep them in a container in the fridge.

4. You can make the Israeli couscous today, or save it for tomorrow. I prefer to make it on Friday.

Broccoli salad


1. I suggest making both the chicken and the couscous today.

2. Cupcakes taste the best on the day they are made, so if possible, make them today. If  you must make them ahead of time, don’t frost them until today. You can make the frosting as early as Wednesday, just make sure to let it come to room temperature so it flows easily.

3. Set the table.

4. Don’t forget the challah and salt!

Salted caramel apple cupcakes

Tips and tricks

I am a big believer in getting as much done ahead of time as possible, especially if you are new to cooking a Shabbat meal. This includes making sure you are showered and dressed at least an hour before your guests arrive! The last hour is usually quite busy, so I find it to be much more relaxing when I don’t have to worry about getting myself ready during that time.

What about the kids? Get them involved in the shabbat process. Have them help you cut the strawberries, broccoli, and grapes. Let them set the shabbat table. Teach your kids to greet the guests as they arrive, take their coats, and offer them a drink. Kids can do a lot more than I think we give them credit for, so let them enjoy participating in Shabbat.

By following this menu and schedule, you should be able to throw an enchanting Shabbat dinner for your friends and family. If you have questions regarding any portion of this post, feel free to ask me in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them.

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