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The Halloween Grinch

My daughter just turned 1 and we celebrated by giving her a cupcake and going to the zoo. I couldn’t bring myself to host a party. It was too cold to have it in the park and my apartment is already too small for the three of us. So, the idea of inviting over several couples and their offspring was not entirely appealing.

This is not what I expected from myself. That is to say, I thought that my entrance into motherhood would make me want to partake more in group activities, not less. But I couldn’t really get into all those mommy groups and playgroups. I just don’t feel like doing all the things I’m supposed to do.

But I’m a joiner, really!

And now it’s Halloween. And everybody is asking me what my daughter, Mika, is going to dress up as. And I’m getting that same itchy feeling as when people asked me about what I was doing for her first birthday. Do I really have to put her into a costume? What am I supposed to do, dress her up like one of her favorite things–a cracker shaped like a bunny?  A strawberry? Or that book with the flaps that makes animal noises?

I think on Halloween we’ll just stay home and look out the window at all the kids trudging through the streets in their funny costumes. And we’ll eat some strawberries and bunny crackers.

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