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The Jewish Woman Who Went on an ‘Awful’ Date with Donald Trump

One Jewish woman chronicled her bad first (and only!) date with Donald Trump in the 1970s for Salon earlier today. While it was interesting to read a personal account about someone going on a date with Trump (or any public figure for that matter), it could basically be all summed up in three sentences:

“It was New York in the early 1970s. He arrived in a white Cadillac convertible. And had no cash to pay for dinner.”

What I found a bit disappointing about the “tell all” article, however, was the simple fact that it lacked details. It wasn’t really a scoop or had any real dirty details. Sure, Trump didn’t pay for dinner at an expensive restaurant after trying to appear all important and super-glistening-wealthy–and yes that is more than awkward and frustrating. Of course, not paying her back is definitely not cool, and indicative of his character. But, what I really want to know is, what was the conversation like?

Read the rest of the article here, and decide for yourself.

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